OK Boomer – now you can wear it! Or is it OK, Boomer?

ok boomer christmas shirt
ok boomer Christmas shirt

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The Clash between generations?

The clash is happening between two generations: X vs Z. The generations are sometimes called also, Z: ”The Millennials” and X ”the MTV Generation”. The actual clash is the result of the X-generation turning middle aged and has occupied major part of the top positions in work places, politics and they are also the parents of the generation Z.

‘OK Boomer’ Marks the End of Friendly Generational Relations

Since, it’s a clash between generations, there are people taking this personally. The clash rises from natural evolution of mankind, with the development of technology, culture and society. So in one way, the clash can be seen between different kind of people, rather than just different ages. Very conservative youngsters might act as a solid example of this, since they support the current political standpoint as the boomers, even though they don’t represent the same generation.

I’m somewhere between the generation Z and X, not with the age, but my thinking. I’m ready to change my point of view, when reasoned. But I’m willing to stand with and support what works, not everything needs to be changed. It doesn’t hurt my feelings more, to be called a Boomer or a youngster. I was born and raised in an environment of ”age racism”. My take on this is, don’t take it personally, be what you are and use your strengths in stead of weaknesses.

Ok Boomer – what does it mean?

OK boomer, or OK Boomer relates to a clash between two generations. It is coomnly used in a situation, where an older person mocks a younger person, or his idea, or his way of living or basically anything that relates to his younger age. Okay boomer is a counter to that kind of situation. The word boomer refers to a generation that are the children of the ”Baby boomers”. Baby boomer is a time period from the end of the World War 2 al the way to the end of fifties. Of course the exact end of the period depends on the country where the people live in etc.

ok boomer example from twitter

The use of ”OK BOOMER”

The phrase ”OK Boomer” is used to dismiss or mock perceived narrow-minded, outdated, negatively-judgemental, or condescending attitudes of older people, particularly baby boomers. The term has been used as a retort for perceived resistance to technological change, climate change denial, marginalization of minorities or opposition to younger generations’ ideals.

Now you can wear OK Boomer and celebrate Christmas, while looking good

I have created a good looking design to support your celebration or fight against the Generation X.

The Okay Boomer Christmas edition – a cute way to strike back

The design can be found and purchased from my store: LINK. There are currently two types of clothes for men and women: t-shirts and long sleeved sweaters.

Men’s sweater

Why you should buy?

First of all, you’ll look amazing wearing this holiday shirt and second of all you’ll support my YouTube journey, trying to help others to solve their problems in ICT.

OK Boomer actual uses

As of early today, videos tagged with #OkBoomer on TikTok had been viewed over 1,109,858,285 times. The term has been used also in Politics, when In early November 2019, New Zealand MP Chlöe Swarbrick, while giving a speech supporting a climate change bill in Parliament, promptly responded with ”OK Boomer” after an older member of parliament interjected in disbelief to her claim that the average age of parliament was 49 years old. Also in November 2019, Politico used a variation of the meme in an editorial about former Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg’s possible candidacy for President of the United States entitled ”OK Bloomberg”.

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